The Early Years of Ananda Slideshow

This brief look at the life, atmosphere, buildings, business, recreation, families, and spiritual practices of Ananda’s early members is one of the best ways to get a feeling for what it was like to live at Ananda Village in the years before the fire of 1976. Nayaswami Durga narrates the collection of 190 slides, with Swami Kriyananda’s music playing.

The Importance of Soul Receptivity

The guru’s job is to take responsibility for our lives. We make that possible with our own receptivity and openness — in short, through discipleship. Durga expands on this theme and shares stories of the greatest example of discipleship at Ananda — Swami Kriyananda. The conclusion of a story that Durga tells: After Ram Lila told Swami Kriyananda about his … Read More

Why Tell God Anything, when He Knows Everything?

“I am well!” This statement, if we believe it, can become true, no matter how ill we are. Durga tells the story of her mother-in-law using it after surgery, and other stories of freedom and overcoming in this inspired talk. She and her husband Vidura serve at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat, mentioned several times throughout the talk. You can visit it … Read More