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Breath and the Energy in the Spine

Swami Kriyananda
July 29, 2011

Chapter 2, Stanza 39

Swami Kriyananda discusses the relationship between yoga, energy, and breath. He describes karma as an energetic force and states that every time we do something wrong, there is a vortex of energy in the astral spine that has an impact on our life and disposition. Breath and energy, he states, are intimately related.

Kriyananda explains that underlying our breath there is an inner energy that is moving upward or downward. We would best concern ourselves with our general tendencies to move that energy upward (positivity) or downward (negativity). This movement is not dependent on external conditions but on our inner and mental reactions. Is your energy up or down? Is your energy generally positive or negative?

Every experience in life, Kriyananda says, is neutral. It is our reaction to the experience that determines whether or not life will be pleasant or unpleasant for us. We can move beyond the reactive process and balance breath and energy. The ultimate goal for spiritual growth, Kriyananda emphasizes, is equilibrium. The science and practice of yoga can help us find balance and gain control over the breath.


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