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Christ Lives! An Illustrated Oratorio

Swami Kriyananda
March 27, 2021

Christ Lives!

An Illustrated Oratorio with photography and music by Swami Kriyananda

Welcome and thank you for joining us for our annual performance of Swami Kriyananda's Oratorio, Christ Lives!

This version of Christ Lives! includes footage from a 2008 performance of the Oratorio in Palo Alto, California, together with a slideshow of photographs by Swami Kriyananda.

Swami describes how the music came to him as he meditated at sacred sites while on pilgrimage in the Holy Land in 1983. While there, he experienced the deep inspiration of Christ as a living presence and wrote each piece from that uplifted state of awareness.

The photographs were taken by Swami during that same pilgrimage and include: David’s Tomb; the grotto of St. John on the island of Patmos; the Church of the Dormition (where the Virgin Mary is believed to have died); the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem; the river Jordan in Galilee (where Christ was baptized); the Church of the Agony in Gethsemane; the place of Christ’s crucifixion in Golgotha; and Mt. Tabor (where Christ’s transfiguration is said to have been).

We pray that the blessings of this sacred music may uplift you throughout this Easter season.

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1. Land of Milk and Honey (Instrumental)

2. Setting Out for Zion (Instrumental)

3. Children of God! (Solo)

4. A New Tomorrow (Choir)

5. Psalm of David (Solo)

6. Chartres Cathedral (Instrumental)

7. The Wonders Man Carved (Solo)

8. Ancient Greece (Instrumental)

9. In the Spirit (Solo)

10. God Is Truth, God Is Love (Solo)

11. Mother of Wisdom (Solo/Choir)

12. To Mary there Came (Solo)

13. The Annunciation (Solo)

14. The Light That Was Christ (Duet)

15. Fear Not, Zacharias (Instrumental)

16. Mary and Elizabeth Meet (Solo)

17. Hail Mary (Solo)

18. Shepherds, Awake! (Solo)

19. Shepherd’s Grotto (Instrumental)

20. Christ Has Come (Choir)

21. Three Wise Men Came (Quartet)

22. Sing Out with Joy (Choir)

23. Desert Solitude (Solo/Instrumental)

24. To Jordan Came Jesus (Solo)

25. This Is My Son (Solo)

26. The Temptation of Christ (Quartet)

27. His Mission Begins (Solo)

28. Wedding Feast (Instrumental)

29. Jesus Went to Galilee (Solo)

30. Galilee (Instrumental)

31. The Few Were Soon Many (Solo)

32. Lift Your Hearts (Choir)

33. Blessed Are They (Solo)

34. He Who Clothes the Field (Choir)

35. To Souls that Were Fallen (Solo)

36. Living Water (Solo/Choir)

37. The Joy of Redemption (Solo)

38. Song of Mary Magdalene (Solo)

39. Who Dreamed of the Tragedy? (Solos)

40. Palm Sunday (Choir)

41. The Sorrow of Jesus (Solo)

42. Gethsemane (Instrumental)

43. Let This Cup Pass from Me (Solo)

44. Thy Will Be Done (Solo)

45. You Remain Our Friend (Solo/Choir)

46. The Man that Was Jesus (Solos)

47. When Human Hopes Toward Thee Aspire (Choir)

48. Life Cannot Die! (Solo)

49. Christ Is Risen (Choir)

50. Thy Light within Us Shining (Choir)

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