Guided Meditation with Suryadas and Chandi

Join Ananda Sacramento online on Monday evenings at 7pm for a free half-hour guided meditation. Suryadas and Chandi will lead you through the process of relaxation, breath control, inner concentration and expansion of consciousness. The practice of meditation brings us peace of mind, stress reduction, and a deeper sense of well being. These guided meditations are well suited for people … Read More

The Importance of Soul Receptivity (Part 1)

Swami spoke of the importance of becoming aware of the movement of Divine grace within by making the effort in yoga practice to still our hearts. In this way, and by attunement to the Guru, we become more receptive in our Soul to that movement of God’s Love.

The Importance of Inner Peace

Swami said that inner peace was the absolute bedrock of his priorities. We need to learn to address difficult situations and have challenging discussions while at the same time maintain our inner peace.

Harmonious Relationships Part 8

How to react when we know a person is trying to engage us in a confrontation? The secret is is not to “react” but to respond; and we respond best, for all those involved, with centeredness and inner peace.

Ego-Transcendence: Dealing with Criticism

When others criticize us, it’s easy to react and retaliate–this is how the tangled web of karma is woven! Instead of creating more karma for ourselves, we can work on not reacting. When one feels criticism from others, instead calmly look inside to see if there is any truth to the criticism and work to change oneself. And if not–to … Read More