Ego-Transcendence: Dealing with Criticism

When others criticize us, it’s easy to react and retaliate–this is how the tangled web of karma is woven! Instead of creating more karma for ourselves, we can work on not reacting. When one feels criticism from others, instead calmly look inside to see if there is any truth to the criticism and work to change oneself. And if not–to … Read More

How Portable Is Your Life?

In recent summers and particularly in the last few years, extreme heat and dried brush have caused many wildfires in Northern California. Due to this, many people in nearby towns, have had to evacuate their homes at very short notice. This natural occurrence, has prompted Nayaswami Dharmadas to ask himself the question, ‘How Portable is Your Life?’ So, in this … Read More

Divine Mother in Nature

‘What is Divine Mother trying to convey to me today? How can I receive more of the message that she’s trying to share, and interpret it the best I can, in order to grow in my own understanding?’, presented by Nayaswami Dharmadas at Ananda Sacramento, California. In this talk, Nayaswami Dharmadas talks about trying to tune into what Divine Mother … Read More

6-Hour Chanting of the Sacred Mantra “AUM Guru”

🕉️ Let’s chant “Aum Guru” together for many hours to build spiritual magnetism and draw the grace of God and Gurus. ✨ This chanting vigil was recorded on September 12 & 13 in the Temple of Light at Ananda Village, as well as by Ananda devotees around the world. We continue hearing from many people all over the world about how … Read More

How to Transcend the Ego: Transcendence Means Joy

If we live by high principles and concern ourselves with what will be good for everyone, rather than referring everything that happens back to our little selves, we will soon realize that we are living in great joy. Living in the ego brings pain. Living for God brings bliss.

World Building

The phrase “world building” is often related to fantasy literature in which a whole “world” is created in which the characters play out the drama of the book or series of books. But in a sense, we are all “world builders” in our own lives, dreams, and consciousness. So–what kind of “world” will you build?

Energy Doesn’t Lie!

Have you ever been in a situation where you couldn’t understand all of what was happening–perhaps due to unfamiliarity with language or culture? When you spend time in other countries–that experience can become daily! What to do? Follow the energy–it tells the truth, even when the words we hear don’t make sense or we can’t get everything that might be … Read More