Video and Audio

Mother, I Give You My Soul Call

July 8, 2020

This virtual kirtan of a chant by Swami Kriyananda features devotee musicians from Ananda. The musicians traded tracks with each other from lockdown over the last two months, videoing themselves recording, and sharing inspiration and satsang through this divine music. Panduranga, at Ananda Village, mixed and mastered the combined tracks, Baraquiel in Pune synced and edited the video and audio tracks, and Ishani in Delhi finished the editing and provided mystical visuals to enhance the experience. Enjoy!



Mother, I give You my soul, soul, soul call;

You can’t remain hidden anymore.

Give my Mother a soul, soul, soul call;

She can’t remain hidden anymore.

Come out of the silent sky; come out of the mountain glen.

Come out of my secret soul (Ma): come out of my secret soul;

Come out of my cave of silence, come out of my cave of silence.


Vocals: Panduranga, Dharmadas, Chaitanya, Nirmala, Gitabai

Guitars, Strings, Piano, Kirtals: Panduranga

Tabla: Lewis

Recorded for Ananda Spiritual Renewal Week 2020