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Ask Me About Truth, Episode 36
Swami Kriyananda
April 9, 2013

Swami Kriyananda shares a thoughtful discussion about the meaning and essence of soulmates. He states that as everything in life is dual, soulmates do exist, though that kind of relationship is not necessarily a romantic one. Kriyananda emphasizes the importance of finding and seeking spiritual connections and partnerships and serving others without misplaced ambitions or ego.

Kriyananda states that the love we seek will never be found in another person, except that we find it first within ourselves. Fulfillment can be found within. Kriyananda guides us to strive to understand through spiritual effort that life is a divine dream and to relish it as God’s dream so that we can experience His infinite and boundless joy.


What is worth seeking, and what is a delusion? By what should we guide our lives? Can we trust our hearts?

All these topics are touched on in this talk.

Questions include:

  • What do you think about the concept of soulmates?
  • Is the desire for human love a delusion?
  • Is it wrong to be ambitious in this world?
  • How can you know which way to focus your life?

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