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The Perfect Resolve

Nayaswami Devi
January 2, 2022

Nayaswami Devi shares this beautiful inspiration during her Sunday service at Ananda Village, January 2nd 2022. You can find the complete talk here.


"What I'm gonna do this year, and I offer this as a suggestion to you, this is my resolution: I resolve this year to use the power of my mind to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Nothing specific.

The power of my mind I resolve to use this year to overcome any obstacles and achieve success. And that way you're not, "Oh, I said, I wasn't gonna eat chocolate and I did eat chocolate, so I forget about it." No. I'm using the power of my mind.

And if I fall off what I want to be doing, I recharge the power of my mind with the power from God and Guru. So it's so important to realize we can do this with the grace of God...That's the pivotal change of somebody who's really giving their life to God and somebody who's not...There's a lot of room in between.

But I can do this with the grace of God. No matter how hard it seems, no matter how impossible I may believe it to be, with the power of God, I can. With the power of God using my own will... the strength of my own will, and my resolve.


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