The force of bodies to attract or repel each other. (1)

According to Paramhansa Yogananda, people have fallen out of Spirit through material delusion. Individual souls may feel drawn toward the outward world of manifestation, for example by attachment to objects of physical senses and mind. Souls may also recognize their one true reality in Spirit, seeking instead divine communion in spirit. (1)

Each person affects other people and is affected by them through the principle of magnetism. By manifesting the three qualities of tamo, rajo, and sattwa guna, the individual attracts like qualities in the external world. For example, a person who tends toward the dark and heavy qualities of tamo may experience attachment to the material world, while a person with tendency toward sattwic qualities of lightness and airiness may feel inspired to seek spiritual attainment. Most people, however, tend to manifest the rajo guna in fluctuation, inner conflict, and movement between tamo and sattwic qualities. (2)

Paramhansa Yogananda recommends that one develop two kinds of magnetism: to attract material necessities and to attract God. Physical magnetism may be developed in the body through right diet and energization and in the mind through concentration.  It can be enhanced and supported by communities where people share similar high aspirations. (3) Swami Kriyananda writes that material prosperity and success may be drawn through willpower and concentration of energy. (4)

Spiritual or cosmic magnetism for God may be developed by meditation on God and saints. In order to draw the perfect qualities of the eternal and infinite Spirit, a person must distinguish between material realities and divine reality. (3) One may use techniques such as meditation before entering tamasic environments, chants, prayers, or avoidance negative environments or people. (2)

Magnetism also refers to the force pervading and integrating all things. For example, electronic magnetism holds together protons and electrons in the nucleus of an atom, material magnetism holds together materials and objects in the material world, and solar magnetism causes planets to revolve around the sun. (1)

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