Pilgrim Vow

ˈpɪlɡrɪm vaʊ

Taken by one who wishes to make a greater commitment to God. (1) Pilgrim refers to any person who travels to a holy site or shrine as a devotee, although all may be considered pilgrims on the ultimate spiritual path . (2)

The Pilgrim Vow of Intention is one step to join the Nayaswami Order of renunciates as defined by Swami Kriyananda. The order of the New Age is open to devotees of any faith tradition. Renunciates of the order transcend the limitations of ego, rather than suppressing their egoic desires as in traditional monasteries, and live in the higher consciousness of spirit. (1) The vow may be taken at an Ananda Center. (3)

The vow represents a true and forceful commitment to the path of inner renunciation. The choice to become a pilgrim involves deep understanding, willpower, and commitment to higher consciousness. (4) Below are reprinted the words of the vow:

The Pilgrim’s Vow of Intention

I understand, and intend from now on to live by my understanding, that life is a pilgrimage, of which the final goal is to find and merge back into God.

I will endeavor resolutely, therefore, to direct all my thoughts and actions toward that end.

I will offer up all material desires for purification in the fire of divine bliss.

I will offer up all attachments for purification in that cosmic fire.

I will search my heart daily for any lingering desires and attachments, and will offer them to Thee, my Cosmic Beloved.

I will strive to be an example to others of a pure, discriminating, and noble life.

I will offer the fruit of all my actions and labors to Thee alone.

Bless me, and direct my footsteps ever to the summit of Thy holy mountain. (4)

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