Which Form to Worship God?

Nayaswami Sahaja

Question from Brock: Why is it that figuring out which form to worship God in is becoming such a sticking point? What’s the best way to get around this


Difficulties with Meditation


Question from Patrick: I am only 27, had joined a raja yoga for sometime, had to leave due to peer pressure, but by then I had transformed myself a lot. Lost I began to meditate with head phones in my ear and eyes closed it got me more lost. For I long time I practised gazing at a point without a wink and…

How to Evoke Love for God?


Question from roby: I have read that when we chant continously the name of God. The love for the name takes birth then the mind starts to cry in the seperation of Lord and after that we can get darshan of God. How to evoke love for God so that my mind also starts crying in the joy and the seperation of God…


What is the Procedure for Offering Our Acts to God?

Nayaswami Sabari

Question from Sharmila Chakravarty: What is it meant by offering an act to God? How can we do that throughout the day? What is the procedure of sending the energy to our spiritual eye while offering any thought to God?


Ideal Worship vs. Idol Worship

Nayaswami Dharmadevi

Question from jeff wells: Babaji and all the saints seem to discourage worshiping them, yet most will lay at their feet and try. I love the examples of God realized masters. God is the doer. What is proper respect to God and the saints?


When Others Try to Make You Feel Ashamed that You Believe in God

Asha Nayaswami

Question from L: In the world today it seems that it is almost wrong to believe in God. It is almost as if it is shamefull to believe. How do you stop feeling shame in believing ? I know i should not feel ashamed of it but sometimes people make me feel ashamed that I believe in God.


Which Is Better: to Pray Out Loud, or Silently?

Nayaswami Sabari

Question from John C: Namaste. I presume that the Spirit/Soul is more subtle/fine/powerful than the mind, which in turn is more subtle/fine/powerful than the body. Does this mean that mental prayers/chanting are more powerful than physically audible ones because the consciousness/attention is more interiorized? Or the physically audible ones are more powerful because they automatically carry the mental thought behind them in addition to…


What Language Should I Chant In?

Tyagi Jayadev

Question from Irina: Yogananda told his disciples to learn poems written by saints and to repeat them during the day, and to sing song throughout the day because they help to attune oneself to master’s conscientiousness. My question is: English is my second language and as I know it’s better to use your native language for this purpose? But at the same time…


Effective Prayer

Nayaswami Shivani

Question from Simon: Should mankind pray like the jews do and only praise/worship god or is it ok to ask for personal things (isn’t it “overbearing”)? E.g.: Why pray for a special person. Why not pray for whole mankind?


To Know God Is to Love God

Nayaswami Jaya

Question from KJ: How can we love God without experiencing him? We can experience and feel God in Meditation. Meditation as Yogananda Jee says is like experiment within our self to find God but until we we are successful in meditation and have that experience…. loving him will not be just blind love? And how can we pray with devotion chants like ‘Oh…