How to Awaken Devotion in Your Heart


Joy to you.

I having being doing Kirya Yoga (MASTERS)for 14 years loves it could not live without it.It has help me in so many different ways. However how to balance head and heart. I have strong feelings in head How to concentrate on heart and feel more love. And what is love how is it different from joy. Thanks Jai Guru

—Ioney, USA


Dear Friend,

Pray to God and Guru for devotion: the longing in the heart for pure love and joy. Love inclines toward an object while joy is without condition. Only when the object of devotion is “realized” (communed with, entered into, or becomes one with you) does love become transformed into Bliss. (Yes, one does experience pure love, but the purer the love the more it resembles joy!)

Since the subject here is how to get out of one’s head I will write no further on attempting to intellectually distinguish the one from the other, or on how to distinguish bliss from love! When we have it, we know it, and all doubts are left behind.

I would recommend, however, that you begin EACH meditation by resting in the heart center (chakra). Calm the feelings there until waves of peace or bubbles of joy are felt. Then, offer that peace or joy upward to the spiritual eye and then commence your meditation techniques, including kriya.

While practicing kriya offer all your rising energies upward to the spiritual eye in complete self-offering.

After practicing kriya, unite the heart’s natural love with the light of wisdom at the spiritual eye. Practice bhakti yoga after kriya; in silent inner communion is best; but with words, as you need to.

Do you chant? Learn to chant whether with voice alone or with a harmonium or another instrument. Listen to chants as often as you can. Repeat them silently whenever your mind is not preoccupied with necessary tasks. Master said, “You must INDIVIDUALLY make love to God!” Without awakening the natural love of the heart, we cannot make serious spiritual progress. If no love is felt, pray for devotion: “Teach me, Mother, to love you as you love me.”

God has all the wisdom he wants; the only thing he doesn’t have is your love!

Nayaswami Hriman

P.S. Do not think you can ever win God’s love unless you can behave with kindness and sympathy, and servicefulness to others. The world around us is God incarnate. How can we know and love God who is a Spirit without form, if we cannot also love and serve him who is right in front of us?