Am I Progressing in My Meditation?


My heartfelt pronam to all.

I have been practicing meditation for 13 years. But I never had any vision nor heard any sound. Only occasionally I feel a throbbing sensation near my heart. Also, I can concentrate only for sometime during the entire course of meditation and more often than not my mind keeps wandering. I cannot understand whether I am progressing in my meditation or whether the process of meditation I follow is right. (I meditate the form of my Ishtam in the heart center).

—Lisa Sen, INDIA


Dear Lisa,

Thank you for your question regarding your meditation progress. I must start by saying I am not familiar with the technique of meditation you are practicing. With that said, meditation should help us to experience peace and calmness initially and as we progress more love, joy and wisdom. Yoganandaji said, the spiritual path is not a circus. We should not be attached to seeing or hearing various phenomena in our meditations.

You mention your mind is always wandering. I suggest you get in touch with the Ananda community nearest you in India to learn the techniques of meditation Yoganandaji taught as they help one to concentrate and interiorize one’s consciousness so you can offer the light within you into the Infinite Light with love and devotion. You will feel the Divine response if you stay the course and never give up. Divine Mother tests us to make sure we really want to commune with Her and serve Her.

Ananda India is offering online courses and I’m sure they will have an online meditation course soon if there isn’t one already.

Wishing you a deeply enriching spiritual life that takes you all the way home to God.

In Divine Friendship,