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Energize while fasting?

Dear Kiran, I have done Master’s 9-Day Diet a few times on my own, and here at Ananda Village’s Expanding Light Retreat, I have led several programs based on Yogananda’s 9-Day Cleansing & Vitalizing Diet. In his description of the ... Read More

Garlic in a Yogi’s Diet?

Dear Blanca, Thanks for this interesting question. Garlic can be regarded for both it’s medicinal properties and it’s qualities from a yogic perspective. On page 121-2 of The Art and Science of Raja Yoga, Swami Kriyananda explains that according to ... Read More

Yogananada’s Cleansing Diet

Dear Glenda, Congratulations on your doing Yogananda’s Cleansing Diet! Yes, his instructions do say 2 pounds of “good bath salts.” However, when we offer the Cleansing Diet program here at the Expanding Light, we suggest that people use at least ... Read More

Vegan vs. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Diet?

Dear Dm, Yogananda did recommend eating a vegetarian diet that included both milk and eggs. However, you are right, that for yogis who are making an effort to be sattvic and to practice ahimsa (non-violence) it seems most appropriate to ... Read More

Yogananda’s Cleansing Diet

Dear Verette, Yes, Yogananda’s 9-Day Cleansing Diet is a wonderful way to remove toxins from the body and to enhance vitality of body, mind and spirit! However, it is designed to be followed for a full 9 dyas, ideally. Speaking ... Read More

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