Energize while fasting?


In general, would one be expected to energize less than twice daily and/or do fewer repetitions while doing

Master’s Nine Day Diet/Fast?

—Kiran Rhoades, USA


Dear Kiran,

I have done Master’s 9-Day Diet a few times on my own, and here at Ananda Village’s Expanding Light Retreat, I have led several programs based on Yogananda’s 9-Day Cleansing & Vitalizing Diet. In his description of the diet, he does not specifically mention anything about the Energization Exercises. However, when he refers to it as a Vitalizing Diet, I have no doubt that he would have encouraged followers of the diet to Energize at least twice daily, and maybe even more.

He states that this diet has the effect of cleansing all the cells of the body, and he makes a similar statement about the role of the Energization Exercises as being effective in bringing fresh prana into every cell of the body. So it makes sense to use the power of Energization Exercises to potentiate both the cleansing and vitalizing effects of this diet.

In my experience, with myself as well a many others, the Energization Exercises are very helpful in assisting one to remember that it’s Cosmic Energy that sustains us and recharges us more than does food. We encourage people to consciously draw on Life Force or Cosmic Energy during the diet, to do the Energization Exercises willingly and gladly, tuning into the reality of being one with immortal Life Energy.

Many people doing this diet experience greater awareness of the subtle flow of energy within them, and many experience increased energy levels while on the diet. All of these benefits would be greatly enhanced by doing more, not less, Energization Exercises while on the diet. So please, do make the effort to Energize at least twice a day, with great concentration and enthusiasm, while you are on Yogananda’s 9-Day Cleansing Diet. They will help you to cleanse and to feel energized on all levels — body, mind, and spirit.

Blessings to you,

Nayaswami Mangala