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Medicine and Meditation

Dear Rounak, Let’s see if we can help you be able to take advantage of at least some of these spiritually powerful techniques while keeping you and your doctor at ease. I am medical doctor as well as someone who ... Read More

Your Mother’s Love

Dear friend, I am so sorry for your loss. In one way I could simply say, “there are no words.” In no way would I want to try and talk you out of your grief. Even Yogananda shed tears when ... Read More

My “Inner World” Holds My Meditating Back

Dear Sean. While you never actually stated a question, let me address the issue of how you are feeling “limited” by your inner world. How beautiful that you have known from such an early age that being one with God ... Read More

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God

Hi Bina, Of course there are many reasons why you may not be achieving as you feel you should, but it is true that no matter what else is ‘in your way’ coming closer to God will always help. What ... Read More

What Can I Do About an Irrational Fear of People?

Dear Chandan, I can just feel how troubling and painful this is for you. These fears often have their origins in places we can not easily access on our own, and the very nature of them makes getting help difficult. ... Read More

Should a Yogi Avoid Alcohol, Even in Cooking?

As we know Yogananda often spoke about the three biggest delusions being money, sex and alcohol. All of these He said impaired one’s judgement in way that lowered or contracted consciousness. We also know that given the low boiling point ... Read More

What Should I Do for a Severe Cough and Cold?

Dear Kirti, First of all, congratulations on taking Kriya. What a great joy. Then… please do NOT feel any guilt. Yogananda would never have wanted this! In fact, he said do not try and do Kriya when you are unwell. ... Read More

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