What Can I Do About an Irrational Fear of People?


I hv a fear of people.I find that when I'm around anybody I become tense and hv difficulty breathing.This irrational but compelling fear makes it difficult for me to even hv a good conversation wth anybody,even with my own relatives.Due to this fear I hv difficulty studying and so my marks hv plummeted.I hv had this problem for about 8-9 yrs.Please help.

—Chandan, India


Dear Chandan,

I can just feel how troubling and painful this is for you.

These fears often have their origins in places we can not easily access on our own, and the very nature of them makes getting help difficult.

Still, please try and look for good support , first in the form of a good doctor or therapist. Only after you have calmed your mind a bit and freed it from some of this worry will you be able to search in a spiritual realm through meditation for true and lasting peace of mind.

Often those of us who are spiritually aware resist getting help in traditional ways, but this is a mistake. God is in everyone and everything. Remember this.

Whoever you go to for help look into their eyes and determine to find God. Pray for guidance to find the right person. Also, repeat this affirmation of Paramhansa Yogananda, “In life and death, health and sickness, I worry not, O Lord, for I am Thy child evermore.”