From the Kay Erdwinn’s Post Teaching Yoga for Round Bodies

This asana presents the same difficulties for the fat person as Padahastasana. I usually teach it using a strap around the feet and held in both hands like reins, including with the same slight looseness one would use with a horse.

Then I instruct the student to move the chest forward, keeping the back straight and the chest open. I don’t even encourage them to bend forward, because in the fat person with a belly, this inevitably rounds the back. In addition, the more the fat student bends over, even with a straight back, the less efficiently s/he will be able to breathe.

For the surrender phase, I have my students bow the head slightly, make sure there is no tension in the arms or shoulders, and breathe deeply. As with Padahastasana, the fat student may “bob” slightly, but as long as it’s gentle and with the breath, this is okay. One last comment with this asana is that, again as with Padahastasana, I practice the wide-legged version after.

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