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Living with Yogananda: A Modern Saint

I had the good fortune to live for three and a half years with one of the greatest channels of our times. He was not widely known as a channel, perhaps because he didn’t need to go into unconsciousness, nor into any abstract mental state, to give utterance to what came through him. He simply “tuned in,” and the answers … Read More

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Three Questions Answered by Swami Kriyananda

Years ago an Italian yoga magazine sent three formidable questions to Swami Kriyananda: What does God want of us? What does God give us? Who is God? Soon he sent an article back to them, stimulating as always. It is now kept as a precious keepsake with his handwritten corrections on it. Here is what Kriyananda wrote: What does God … Read More

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Magnetism: The Power to Change Your Life

Paramhansa Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi, is a work that continues to touch the lives of millions of people even 73 years after its publication in 1946. Its power was illustrated to me during a recent visit to China. Walking past a bookstore in Guangzhou, a lady I know glanced at the front-window display of newly released books. Her … Read More

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The Guru’s Test

The Guru’s Test Yogananda used to tell this humorous but instructive story, here narrated by Nayaswami Atman during his recent Sunday Service at Ananda Village.