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Preventing and Curing Colds

Colds are often caused by a faulty diet or lack of physical exercise, or a tendency brought over from past lives.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

Healthy Living – Diet, Sunshine, and Exercise

Disease warns us that nature’s physical laws are being broken. The origin of almost all diseases can be found in over-eating, improper diet, lack of exercise, and misuse of sexual energy.

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Take Responsibility for Your Health

A diminished flow of life-force is the root cause of disease. If we wait until we’re sick and then address only the symptoms, we will be caught up in a pernicious cycle of disease.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

The Essence of Self-Healing

Some years ago I had an extraordinarily painful attack of kidney stones. I’ve never experienced anything like it—the pain was so intense that every muscle in my body was quivering like a leaf.