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10 Affirmations for Everyday Life

How Affirmations Work It is well known now how powerful thoughts can be. There are numerous studies about the placebo effect that show that we can heal and improve ourselves when we believe that change is taking place. In most of these studies, however, the subjects don’t get to choose which area of their life they want to change. Affirmations … Read More

Health and Healing

Keys to Wellness

Good health results from a strong unobstructed flow of life-force to all areas of the body; illness, moods, apathy — in fact, all negative states — are symptoms of a conflict or blockage of the life-force. One of the great benefits of meditation is a gradual freedom from these conflicts.

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7 Years to Heal

They say it takes seven years for all the cells in the body to fully regenerate. A year ago both my mother and I completed a seven year cycle. Before those seven years both my mother and I were known to be active energetic people. At the beginning of those seven years we both noticed challenges with our health. At … Read More

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And the Food Will Set You Free

A proper diet free from fanaticism is an important part of any yogic practice. So often we see advertisements promising quick and easy results that tempt even those who value mental stability over a six-pack. There are so many ways to eat: vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, and fruitarian, just to name a few, that it’s overwhelming. We don’t even know … Read More

Health and Healing

God Is the Doer: A Healer’s Journey

Spiritually, the most important attitude for a healer is a constant awareness that God is the source of the healing power. There is also the need for reverent devotion to God and Guru because if you pray and ask the Masters to guide you, they will protect you from all negative influences, especially any tendency to become egoic.

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The Moments that Changed Everything

“Honey…David…wake up! Swami passed – he died tonight!” The words melded themselves into my dreaming consciousness, challenging my sleeping brain to accept the shocking news. Rising quickly out of bed, I honestly couldn’t tell if I was still in a dream or in some kind of altered reality. The clock read 12-midnight, and I closed my eyes and felt the … Read More

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The Fine Balance of Health and Lifestyle

Life on the spiritual path, though blessedly filled with growing inner freedom and fulfillment, is not always an easy road to navigate. As we give ourselves more completely to living for God, more and more is asked of us. With this lifestyle of selfless service we often give a low priority to maintaining our health and can easily fall into … Read More

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Coming to Terms with Old Age and Dying

Don’t worry! I’m in very good health, and I hope you are, too! Still, I am the last part of my 6th decade, so the subject of the best ways to face into old age and death are important ones for me to consider now. Actually, this is true for everyone, no matter what your physical age may be presently. … Read More

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The Spiritual Benefits of Juice Fasting

A few months ago my wife and I watched an inspiring documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which prompted us to take on the challenge of an extended juice fast. I had no idea what to expect, except from what I had experienced doing Yogananda’s Nine Day Cleanse (also highly recommended!) many years ago. We opened our new juicer … Read More

Health and Healing

How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality: A 10-Point Guide

Man has the independence and free will to live in the house of life with its three windows open or closed. When man closes the windows of life, he shuts out the three divine rays and finds himself living in the darkness of physical disease, mental disquietude, or abysmal soul-ignorance.