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Do’s and Don’ts of Skin Beauty

We must remember that Spirit demands a cleansed, radiant vehicle with which to demonstrate at its highest capacity.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

Signs of Spring: The Color Green

Green is the color we associate with Spring. It is the most outstanding pigment on Mother Nature’s palette of exterior decorating.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

Preventing and Curing Colds

Colds are often caused by a faulty diet or lack of physical exercise, or a tendency brought over from past lives.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

Healthy Living – Diet, Sunshine, and Exercise

Disease warns us that nature’s physical laws are being broken. The origin of almost all diseases can be found in over-eating, improper diet, lack of exercise, and misuse of sexual energy.

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Take Responsibility for Your Health

A diminished flow of life-force is the root cause of disease. If we wait until we’re sick and then address only the symptoms, we will be caught up in a pernicious cycle of disease.

Clarity Magazine, Health and Healing

The Essence of Self-Healing

Some years ago I had an extraordinarily painful attack of kidney stones. I’ve never experienced anything like it—the pain was so intense that every muscle in my body was quivering like a leaf.