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Signs in the Skies

An amazing “sign in the sky” came my way on December 20, 2012. I thought it might be fun to share this unusual event with you and also share my thoughts about it. First, a little background. In my second grade classroom, we actually practiced crawling under our school desks when the alarms sounded. We were told this action would … Read More

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The Sky and Earth Touched Me

When we walk through a forest, nature’s benevolence flows into us as sunshine flows into trees. Beneath soaring pines and giant, spreading oaks, one’s thoughts naturally turn expansive and harmonious.

A Place Called Ananda, Spirituality and Nature

Living Discipleship and the Story of Grandfather Tree

After being told the story of Grandfather Tree’s power in the oak forest here at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat in Nevada City, California, I became enthusiastic about going to visit and meditate with this soul. Sometimes I would walk past Grandfather Tree on the way to my cabin, and hear him call to my heart. A friend of mine once told … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Spirituality and Nature

Stubborn as a Mule

I spent my first winter at Ananda Village serving in the Yogoata dairy with a great devotee named Virani. She is responsible for supplying many of the village residents with nutritious and delicious goat milk products. I would say she has the strength of several grown men. After being with her for about a month, I began to notice that … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Spirituality and Nature

A Day On The Farm

When I awoke one morning and realized that I had dreamt I was skipping through a bed of thick, green kale leaves, I knew that the farm life was for me. At that point I was already aware that my time on this Earth was meant to be spent digging in the ground, getting dirt in my toes, and watching … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Spirituality and Nature

Trail of Beauty

Maintenance at the Expanding Light Guest Retreat, here at Ananda Village, is a study in contrasts.  The job can at times feel like smooth sailing, but barely a week later resembles treading water to stay afloat.  Many repairs are straight forward, such as fixing toilets or sinks, but others are larger projects requiring more expertise than one so new to … Read More

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Caitlin and the Newborn Fawn

If you’ve ever been to Ananda Village, you’ve witnessed the abundance of deer that we have here. They are a mixed blessing for many of us, for although serene and peaceful, they do eat up a good deal of our flora (ah, the duality of life!). They must know that they are safe here, and although we do not feed … Read More

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No Two Seasons Are Alike

After getting off to a rather late start, this season on Ananda Farm is showering us with abundance. Ananda farm and “unpredictable weather” are one and the same. During the years 1976 – 1986 we had a frost every month of the year except for July! Ananda Farm This year, May 26th, we had a”killer frost” which threatened all 500 … Read More

A Place Called Ananda, Spiritual Community, Spirituality and Nature

Seeking the Light

Hi Everyone, It has been an amazing Spring here at Ananda Village. It was very long and wet, but the result was a very vivid wildflower season, a very long tulip season and some great clouds and luscious flowers and skies. I have been pretty busy with all kinds of stuff, just like everyone else I know, but also have … Read More

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Delighted, no end…

Delighted, no end is actually the punch line to a joke in the Peace Treaty (Swamiji Kriyananda’s 3-act play). But it describes this weekend perfectly. People were delighted with the gardens at Crystal Hermitage. Hi everyone, last week I shared with you photos of the first weekend of Springtime at Ananda. It was cloudy and very cold. But, many hardy … Read More