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Is Jesus Christ a Guru?

Jesus Christ is one of the gurus on the Ananda path of Self-Realization. Paramhansa Yogananda stated that in the divine plan, Jesus Christ was responsible for the evolution of the West, and Babaji, for that of the East. It was intended that the West specialize in developing objectivity through logic and reason and that the East specializes in inner, intuitive … Read More

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The Longing to Be Free

Tips for Getting Closer to God from Swami Kriyananda To desire salvation sincerely, even once, is to enter upon the path to eventual freedom. For all desires must be fulfilled. Even so, this one desire, once entrenched in the heart, cannot but lead eventually to liberation.   –The Essence of Bhagavad Gita How to enter meditation Try to center your consciousness … Read More

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Playing the Pauses

Arthur Schnabel, the famous pianist, once said: “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes — ah, that is where the art resides.” It’s the same in Hatha Yoga: Sure, you want to move into and out of the asanas as well as you can, but if you want more than just exercise, … Read More

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Rewire Your Circuits

Recently, Swami Kriyananda said something that is very relevant for yoga teachers: “In anything we do, we should never take credit to ourselves. It’s what we do that makes us the way we are, and if we did differently, we’d be different. We are the result, not of talents, gifts, or qualities, but of actions that reflect those qualities. “When you don’t … Read More

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Asanas Can Teach Us the Deeper Side of Yoga

What I love about the practice of yoga postures is not just how rejuvenated my body feels, but how clear and uplifted by mind is, and how happy I feel. Even today, after practicing for over 25 years, each time I practice I can immediately feel the difference on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. For me the yoga … Read More

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Be Calmly Active and Actively Calm

Many years ago I came across an intriguing quote from the great woman saint of India, Ananda Moyi Ma. Commenting on Hatha Yoga, she described it as “doing by force.” At first I was quite taken aback, and definitely puzzled. Her description seemed to have very little to do with what I had presumed about Hatha Yoga — especially from the perspective … Read More

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The Art and Science of Happiness

Yoga has become well known in the West for its many physical and psychological benefits, such as improved muscle tone, lower blood pressure, stress relief, increased vitality, and mental clarity. Yet the original purpose of yoga was — and its highest purpose has always been — spiritual: Yoga is the art and science of attaining true, lasting happiness. Yoga is … Read More

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“I am free! I am free!” — Yeah, right.

Have you ever found yourself in an asana, beginning the affirmation, when suddenly the loudest voice in your head was not the affirmation, but an objection: “Who are you kidding? You don’t feel that way. C’mon, get real!” Yeah, me too. The classic example is Utkatasana’s affirmation: “My body is no burden. It is light as air.” No doubt there have … Read More

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Karma Yoga Comes to Light in Asana Practice

The path of Karma Yoga is a perfect place to start, for it offers a meaningful orientation for our daily lives. It addresses how we live, how we act and the way to inner freedom through action. Let’s examine some of the key tenets of Karma Yoga and explore how to apply these in our practice and teaching, as well … Read More

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Bhakti Yoga — The Yoga of Devotion

Bhakti Yoga is about creating a dynamic flow of energy from the heart chakra toward the object of one’s longing. It is not a sentimental or sappy kind of love; it is pure, strong, one-pointed and calm. The heart becomes the vehicle through which the soul unites with the object of worship. Some people don’t consider themselves naturally devotional and … Read More