March Newsletter

Last month people enjoyed the story of Saint Valentine.  And for spring, I am sharing Stories of Christ: For the Season of Easter. These stories are suitable for older children, and for adults who want a heartfelt, easy read to tune in to the season.

My late husband, Tim Kretzmann, had a way of bringing depth and spiritual power to his storytelling, and the whole room would be still… He would meditate for hours before telling his story, to feel the spirit of it deeply. He said he knew the story was ready when it brought tears of divine love to his eyes…

Tim wrote the first section of these stories, and I wrote the stories pertaining to Christ’s many appearances in the 40 days after Easter.  Those stories are inspired by the four Gospels, the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda, and the visions of Therese Neumann. I added classical artwork to enhance the feeling of the stories.


Mary Kretzmann


Ready to download and print and use as a story book:

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