Happiness, Health and Healing

How to Overcome Suffering

Much of our suffering comes from two sources: the force of delusion and our own karma.


Intensity is Everything!

Many people stumble through life with painful slowness, their efforts blocked by lack of intensity.

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True Success in the Workplace

If there is a single quality that society needs today, it is integrity. The worlds of business, of entertainment, of our culture in general, are crippled by a lack of morality. But, a culture is only a collection of individuals and the struggle for virtue must be personal. It begins with you.

Spiritual Development

Dwapara Yuga and Inner Communion

In this age of Dwapara Yuga, true religion is seeking inner communion with God. We don’t need great cathedrals and a standard book of prayer. All we need is a quiet place to meditate, to go within.

Happiness, Spiritualizing Daily Life

Making Marriage Work

Having fun together is vital for a happy marriage. Every day should include some merriment. Over time, a relationship can collapse from the pressures of stress, disappointment and self-involvement.

Health and Healing, Meditation, Spiritualizing Daily Life

Dealing with Stress

Unhealthy levels of stress usually come from trying to control the uncontrollable. As yogis we want to find release from addiction to excitement and delusion. Your power lies in choosing how you respond.

Spiritualizing Daily Life

Aligning Yourself with Spirit

Dwapara Yuga is challenging the old thought forms of Kali Yuga. Our challenge, if we want to be happy, is to align ourselves with what God now wants for the planet.

Happiness, Spiritualizing Daily Life, Success

Affirmation for Gratitude

I am grateful for my life exactly as it is.

Spiritual Development

The Spiritual Power of Christmas

The Christ consciousness has the power to transform our lives just as the birth of Jesus transformed the world.


How to Overcome Restlessness in Meditation

To overcome restlessness, we need to make a strong, conscious effort to focus our thoughts and actions. As long as we habitually skip from one activity to the next, one thought to the next, our restlessness prevents us from experiencing calmness, the doorway to peace and happiness.

Happiness, Health and Healing

Moving Energy into Positive Patterns

The liberating concept underlying so much of Yoganananda’s teachings is that we aren’t our habits, our personalities, or even bodies, but WE ARE ENERGY.

Health and Healing, Meditation

How to Relax the Mind

Brain cells get exhausted by too much worry, hard work or thinking. Relaxation is found by changing the focus of your concentration. A hobby, a sport, yoga postures, or a change of environment can all give you real and lasting relaxation.