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Ananda Joy Choir Assisi for UN International Day of Peace

September 21, 2021



It is with great joy that the Ananda Joy Choir has the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event in which people from every part of the world are uniting to sing together for peace, to unite their voices in a single choir and to affirm the need for human beings to live in harmony, peace and brotherhood. No race, creed or nationality exists that can prevent men of heart from coming together to create a better world in which justice, brotherhood and constructive dialogues reign. May music always be a central point on this path in which one’s convictions, habits and beliefs may be constantly reconsidered and revised for the benefit of all.

The Ananda Joy Choir – World Brotherhood Choir The World Brotherhood Choir is an amateur vocal group consisting of about 25 singers. They come from more than ten nations and live in a community near Assisi where they dedicate their lives to the search for God. Through their songs, they dedicate their efforts to promoting the cause for universal peace and harmony amongst nations, races and religions. Most of the compositions in their programs were written by the founder of their community, J. Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda). At Christmastime, however, they enjoy performing and sharing traditional Christmas carols. Maestro Peter Treichler has been the choir director since 2015.