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Ananda Yoga for Improving Digestion with Murali Venkatrao

Murali Venkatrao
November 5, 2022

Ananda Yoga for improving digestion with Murali Venkatrao PhD A healthy digestive system is a critical part of our overall health (both physical and mental).

The practices of Hatha Yoga

(a) increases our digestive fire, enabling better digestion

(b) helps eliminate trapped toxins in the intestines

(c) physically stimulates all digestive organs, increasing circulation

(d) awakens the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby harmonizing the peristaltic process.

In this stimulating class, Murali will lead you through asanas (poses), bandhas (locks), and pranayamas (breathing practices) to revitalize your entire digestive system.

To be safe, please seek the guidance of a doctor and/or a qualified yoga instructor before attempting an online yoga class. recorded at the Ananda Blue Lotus Tempe in Bothell, WA 11/5/2022