Video and Audio

Anandam Ananda

July 8, 2020

This virtual kirtan of a traditional Indian chant features devotee musicians from Ananda. The musicians traded tracks with each other from lockdown over the last two months, videoing themselves recording, and sharing inspiration and satsang through this divine music. Panduranga, at Ananda Village mixed and mastered the combined tracks, Baraquiel in Pune synced and edited the video and audio tracks, and Ishani in Delhi finished the editing and provided mystical visuals to enhance the experience. Enjoy!

Aanandamaananda karam prasannam,

He is bliss incarnate, exuding joy, whose countenance radiates ecstasy,

jñaana svarupam nijabodha rupam

The very image-embodiment of wisdom, and who is awake to the true Self.

Yogindra midyam bhava roga vaidyam,

Lord of Yogis, adorable and worthy of worship, the Guru is the physician who heals our delusions

shrimad gurum tuam aham namaami.

My Guru and my Master I bow to Thee

Nalinidalagata jalamatitaralam tadavadjeevanam atishaya-chapalam,

As unsteady is a drop of water on a lotus leaf, so is our life.

Kshanamapi sajjanam sangati reka Bhavati bhavarnarva tarane nauke

But even a moment in a true saint's company can be your raft over the ocean of delusion.


Vocals: Dharmadas, Nirmala, Chaitanya

Harmonium: Dharmadas

Guitars and Kirtals: Panduranga, Nirmala

Tabla: Lewis

Recorded for Ananda Spiritual Renewal Week 2020