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Arjuna's Greatest Battle - Stories from the Mahabharata

Murali Venkatrao
October 31, 2020

Story telling with Murali Venkatrao

India is a land where wonderous tales of heroes, villains, magical weapons, gods, demons and damsels are used as a means to convey deep scriptural truths. The greatest of these stories is that of an epic war between cousins. Known as the Mahabharata, it is war that as unnecessary as it is inevitable. The hero of this tale is Arjuna, the greatest warrior of his times; he is guided by God himself in the form of Krishna. On day 15 of this war, Arjuna and Krishna head into their greatest battle. In front of them is the enemy, arrayed in a mysterious battle formation known as the Padma – the Lotus formation. At the center of this impenetrable lotus is the enemy, who had killed Arjuna’s son. Arjuna has vowed to kill the enemy or die trying. What happens next?

As the story unfolds outwardly with myth and magic, we begin to realize that it is a deep allegory for the path of a spiritual aspirant who rides into Battle of Life with God himself as the charioteer. The characters become more personal and familiar, and the heart is uplifted in the timeless human aspiration to know God.

This story was recorded at the Ananda Farm on the beautiful Camano Island in Washington. Ananda Washington.