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Come Gather ‘Round

September 19, 2021

Lyrics by Donald Walters (Swami Kriyananda)

Come gather round:

Let joy sing out today!

Dawn now is breaking,

And the mountains say:

“It’s only light Can make the darkness run.

Lift up your head,

Greet the rising sun!”

Mm-m-m greet the rising sun!


Some people think

To harvest happiness

By weeding troubles,

Easing every stress.

The trouble is

That troubles never end:

Get rid of one,

And you face its friend!

Mm-m-m and you face its friend.


It’s in your heart

The songs of joy resound:

You’ll hear but echoes

In the world around.

Wind on a hill

Sounds lonely if you’re sad,

Free if you’re free,

Cheerful if you’re glad.

Mm-m-m cheerful if you’re glad.


Friends, come with me —

We’ll chant of battles won:

Shots not of anger;

Joy will be our gun!

Before the light

The veils of sorrow rend;

In inner freedom

All delusions end.

Mm-m-m all delusions end.