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Courageous New Beginnings - A New Tomorrow (Ep. 29)

Keshava Betts
March 4, 2022

Lyrics (Swami Kriyananda)

When the dawn breaks, and then the morning
Sends the sun high in the sky,
Who would hide from heaven’s glory?
Who would pass the challenge by?

There’s a morning for every nation,
When the sun’s high in the sky:
There’s a time for every people
To affirm their destiny!

Even so, all of us together
Can create a better land!
Leave the past: A new tomorrow
Waits for all who understand.



A New Tomorrow
Dawn: Arrows of light shoot upward
Through the morning sky,
Driving the shadows westward in disarray.
Thus may the shafts of inner clarity disperse
Our darkest fears and doubts.
From today onwards we’ll live in Thy light!