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Let This Cup Pass From Me - Touching the Heart of Christ (Ep 36)

Keshava Betts
April 15, 2022


Lord let this cup pass from me.
Let my heart not know so much pain!
Must the love Thou bear’st Thy children
Ever suffer such disdain?
Would that I might reveal Thy greatness!
Nevertheless, Thy will be done.


“Inspired at the church of the Agony, Gethsemane.”

“Sitting silently in this church, I prayed to Christ to bless me that
I feel some slight hint of what he experienced on that night of agony.
In the love that I felt then, it seemed to me impossible that he suffered
in anticipation of his own crucifixion. He was too wise to fear death in
any form. His pain, then had to be for mankind, who eternally rejects the
only treasure he can ever wholly possess: God’s love.”

(by Swami Kriyananda)