Aum Namo Narayana – Chant by Swami Kriyananda

“When you [chant] “God” again and again, forgetting time and with ever-increasing devotion, and when your consciousness forgets itself in [chanting], at that point you will feel the presence of God.” —Swami Yogananda, Advanced Super Cosmic Science Course (1934) “Once the mind is focused by chanting, and the inner energy is awakened, take your chanting inward. Don’t only “make a … Read More

Three Wise Men (by Swami Kriyananda)

We wish you a joyful Christmas and many blessings with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda “Three Wise Men”, performed by members of the Ananda Palo Alto choir. Three Wise Men Then three wise men came from afar, Guided by the heavenly star. Christ, the light of God, had descended, That, receiving him, all might be saved. Thus, the promise … Read More

The Christ Child Asleep (by Swami Kriyananda)

Wishing you a blessed Christmas from Ananda with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, “The Christ Child’s Asleep”. The Christ child’s asleep. The silence is so deep That round about, with hope in their eyes, The animals await; Their breathing they abate: They know their time has come to arise. For Jesus came on earth To offer second birth To … Read More

The Christmas Mystery

We wish you Happy Christmas from Ananda with this beautiful song by Swami Kriyananda, “The Christmas Mystery”. Many blessings! The Christmas Mystery Long ago there was a little shed. There three mighty kings did bow their heads To a gentle babe of low degree, Whom men called the son of Mary. Who’ll tell to me this mystery: How a tiny … Read More

Keep Calling Him

Composed by Maitri Jones, sung by Rose Atwell and the Ananda Palo Alto Choir at Ananda Village during SRW 2016. Based on 2 poems by Paramhansa Yogananda. Lyrics Keep calling Him, Keep calling Him. Whether he replies or not, Keep calling him. In the temple of unceasing prayer Believe that He’s approaching there. And call to Him. Keep calling Him. … Read More