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The Importance of Seeing God as the Doer

Ask Me About Truth, Episode 34
Swami Kriyananda
March 20, 2013

One key way to overcome the ego, Kriyananda explains, is to practice the presence of God — to see Him doing everything, both good and bad, through you.

Questions include:
  • You talked about the ways of getting rid of the ego as being willpower, self-offering… are there other ways?
  • How about in daily, moment-to-moment life, to become more free?
  • On the spiritual path, people need to take responsibility for what comes to them — how do you reconcile this with the practice of seeing God as the Doer?
  • It's not that we ignore evil necessarily, it's just that we don't concentrate on it?
  • You mentioned the practice of keeping your attention at the point between the eyebrows — is that good to do all of the time?

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