Agya Chakra

आज्ञा - ājñā

The sixth chakra. The center of consciousness of enlightened beings. (1)

Function of the Chakra

The highest spinal center, the agya (ajna) chakra is located at the medulla oblongata, where the skull connects with the neck near the brain stem. It is the center where cosmic energy from the universe enters the body and feeds it with prana or conscious life force. The nerves of the agya chakra constitute the nervous system in the body. (2)

The medulla oblongata, or negative pole of agya chakra, is the seat of human life and ego-consciousness. The channels of energy, ida and pingala, flow respectively downward and upward from this pole. (3) The positive pole of the agya chakra is known as the spiritual, third, or single eye, Christ center, or Kutastha. The energy from five lower chakras, which store psychological and mental tendencies, habits, and desires, may be directed upward through the spine toward the spiritual eye. When our energy reaches the spiritual eye, we achieve enlightenment. (4)

Qualities of the Chakra

The agya chakra is where the consciousness of enlightened beings is centered. All of their perceptions, thoughts, and actions, originate from the point between the eyebrows. The single eye of the soul, in contrast to the two physical eyes, perceives everything as whole and constituent of the one single reality. Therefore, in one sense the spiritual eye may be considered the ultimate goal of spiritual seekers, who wish to attain the state of divine consciousness. (1)

By concentrating on the spiritual eye, which may be experienced as inner light or any divine reality perceived when the mind is calm, one gradually attains the qualities of that inward reality. Instead of holding onto ego consciousness, the mind expands into awareness of the greater universe of consciousness. At the spiritual eye, the intellect functions on the higher level of intuition. One experiences the sixth chakra directly through deep meditation. (1)

The agya chakra may be experienced perfectly as a silvery-white five-pointed star surrounded by a field of deep blue-violet ringed by gold. (5) It may be experienced imperfectly as a dim violet light with a faint center and faint surrounding ring. The chakra also produces a sound that is the combination of the five lower chakra sounds, which sounds like the roaring ocean or bursting sea, similar to the cosmic sound AUM. (6)

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