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Do You Need to Surrender to a Guru?

Dear Abc, Joy to you! Swami Kriyananda was asked a similar question and his answer was quite surprising to me. He said, “NO!!!” you don’t have surrender your self to a guru, unless…you want to find God. If your goal ... Read More

My Employers are Behaving Unethically

Dear One, Thank you writing. You are asking an important and challenging question. As times get more difficult financially many will find themselves in your predicament. I am not trying to make excuses for those choosing to be unethical. Sometimes ... Read More

Is It Ever Right to Use Harsh Words?

Dear One, Joy to you! You ask a simple question but it has a lot of considerations. Unfortunately, there are times when one may have to use, “harsh words and tones.” For example, if a child continues to run out ... Read More

The Sound of AUM

Dear Wilma, Joy to you! I highly recommend you read the book, AUM: The Melody of Love by Joseph Bharat Cornell. You can find it on-line at. It sounds to me like you are experiencing the AUM vibration. This is ... Read More

God Looks to Teach Rather than Punish

Hi! And joy to you. Repentance means being sorry or having regret for wrong doing. Remorse is associated with the experience of pain as it relates to a wrong doing. Repentance and remorse is Godly when one is sincerely sorry ... Read More

Career vs. Dharma

Dear ML. Joy to you! And thank you for asking such an important question. This is what we call, “a hot topic” as it relates to so many on the spiritual path. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and ... Read More

Let Go and Let God

Dear SR, Concentration is extremely important during meditation but can be very difficult at times. On our path to God, we keep our focus at the spiritual eye. Yogananda has stated there is no difference between any master and any ... Read More

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