Let Go and Let God


I have often read that it is important to have one-pointed contact while you mediate or pray. I often include many realized saints and different forms of God in my prayers. Try as I might, I am unable to decipher that one form of God or Guru with whom I can establish an everlasting personal contact in my prayers. This makes me restless. I feel like some confused soul always vacillating between choices, be it God or anything. Will it affect my prayers? How do I learn to read my heart?

—SR, india


Dear SR,

Concentration is extremely important during meditation but can be very difficult at times. On our path to God, we keep our focus at the spiritual eye. Yogananda has stated there is no difference between any master and any master because they are “one” with the Father. It is to say, don’t worry about the form. The logical, rational analytical mind can play many tricks when one wants to meditate on God.

To see is to be deceived. To hear is to doubt. To feel is to believe. It is extremely important to feel the uplifting energy associated with deep meditation.

Visions of the masters are nice to see while meditating. But depth, love, joy, bliss and purification are much better qualities to experience in meditation. Feel your Higher Self to merge into the Infinite Soul. Ask guru to guide you past your thinking mind and into the Super Conscious Mind.

The Divine knows your prayers before you pray so don’t worry about your prayers. Say your prayers. Then let go and let God’s will be done. And all will be good.


Nayaswami Gopal