The Sound of AUM



Last month, I suddenly experienced a low humming sound in my right ear, I checked the tone on my piano, and it’s a low C, one octave below the central C. It’s been with me since. I presume this is normal? Lately I experience a tingly feeling almost everywhere in my body. The feeling is the strongest when I meditate, but even when I am doing normal tasks it is there. The feeling is the strongest in my hands, and can be distracting when I meditate. What is this? Kind regards, Wilma.

—Wilma Jeuring, Denmark


Dear Wilma,

Joy to you! I highly recommend you read the book, AUM: The Melody of Love by Joseph Bharat Cornell. You can find it on-line at.

It sounds to me like you are experiencing the AUM vibration. This is a very good thing. It may be a little uncomfortable for a bit. But, if it is the “aum” you’re experiencing, you will soon find it to be quite comforting in due time.

Until you receive the book mentioned above, meditate on the “experience.” When you feel quiet and comfortable ask your Higher Self/guru if this is indeed the Aum Vibration (Holy Spirit/Great Comforter). If the feeling brings you a soft, subtle, soothing sensation then my bet is you are on your way to being connected to all Creation. Soon your chakras and all life will start singing to you in magical and mystical ways. The tingling may be a sign that the gift of healing touch may be yours to share.

If it doesn’t feel uplifting and soothing, you may be tensing too much when you meditate. Relax when you meditate. Follow your inhalations and exhalations. Do a few relaxing asanas and energize before meditation. It will help you to stay relaxed while meditating.

On a practical level, you may want to have your ears checked and speak with a chiropractor if your sensations worsen.

In his Joy,

Nayaswami Gopal