God Looks to Teach Rather than Punish



It is said that repentance and remorse are Godly. What does it mean? Suppose a man commits murder or breaks hearts and then repents. Will he be forgiven? Will he escape divine punishment if he repents? Then everyone will commit sin, repent and escape punishment.

—Mona, India


Hi! And joy to you.

Repentance means being sorry or having regret for wrong doing. Remorse is associated with the experience of pain as it relates to a wrong doing. Repentance and remorse is Godly when one is sincerely sorry and attempts to make amends for a wrong act. It is a very good habit to go out of the way to correct a negative action with a positive action. Most people put more energy into blaming others or they may do nothing at all to correct an error.

The masters tell us God is always ready to forgive, even if one commits murder. God understands our humanness and is always ready to forgive. Some masters also say, God looks to teach rather than punish. He wants us to learn from our mistakes and whenever possible make reparations.

An implement used to help us grow closer to Him is the law of karma. It is said that, “Karma is king.” The law of karma said another way is we reap as we sow. When we bring positive uplifting and loving energy into life, then our life may be positive, uplifting and filled with love. If we put out negative energy or qualities to life it will reflect these actions with one mishap after another, until we learn our lesson and change our ways.

A lot of people commit sin, repent and think they escape punishment. But the truth is we escape nothing. The law of karma catches up eventually. Again, karma’s helps us learn the lessons needed to reach our highest potential.

To paraphrase a few lines from “The Peace Treaty,” a play written by Swami Kriyananda, “Within each man however dark his deeds, dwells an unconscious angel. We must let God determine what path his soul must travel to reach its highest destiny. Mean while ours is the path to live in goodness.”

I highly recommend you read the, “The Peace Treaty”. It is a fun way to learn a lot about repentance, remorse and being godly. It holds tremendous wisdom relative to your questions.

In His joy,

Nayaswami Gopal