My Employers are Behaving Unethically


Where I am employed its a trust for public and I know that they are following an unethical practice of making money in running the trust where a major portion is for the trustees own benefits and some they have to do to keep it running smoothly by managing external authorities. My question is being ananda sanghi I always feel that I should quit the job but can't due to social responsibility and recession in economy offering less opportunities. I refused to do favor to trustee so now how to face this?

—BTP, India


Dear One,

Thank you writing. You are asking an important and challenging question. As times get more difficult financially many will find themselves in your predicament. I am not trying to make excuses for those choosing to be unethical. Sometimes people who are desperate take desperate measures in hopes of relieving their feelings of desperation. It may take lifetimes for them to understand they are seeking happiness in the wrong place.

That being said now is the time to pray without blame or shame for those who are being unethical. Pray they see and accept the Light.

And pray with deep sincerity for guidance as to what you should do. I don’t understand why you can’t quit your job due to “social responsibility.” I can understand the fear of leaving due to economics. If you are an Ananda Sanghi, relative to your social responsibility, I pray your goal is to socialize with those who love God with all their heart, body and mind. Socializing with those who love God (devotees/gurubais) is like having shady cool spot to rest on a hot summer day. I work away from my gurubais and I must say that I can’t wait to be with them. They bring me peace. And I trust them completely. They help me to keep my energy at the highest level.

In the Christian Bible, we find, Seek Ye first…And all these things will be added unto you. When we pray with enough sincerity, sometimes, we get better than we could imagine. Many times at first glance we might say to our selves, “I didn’t want this, Lord. You made a mistake.” But if we can get our ego out of the way, we learn that what we didn’t want is exactly what we need to grow closer to the Divine.

It makes good common sense not to quit your current job until you have a new one. So start putting out as much energy as you can towards finding a new job. But be sure to keep checking your attunement with Master. It is to say, meet God half way. And prepare your self for the perfect job or career to appear as though by magic.

Another thought to consider is reporting the wrong doings to the proper authorities. If you choose reporting the wrong doing try to do it in a way the reporting can’t be traced back to you. Hopefully the company may have way for making anonymous claims.

I pray the very best comes your way immediately.


Nayaswami Gopal