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Letters of Encouragement

I do not believe that superconscious experiences can be induced by hypnotic suggestion.

Clarity Magazine, Yoga

Awakening the Kundalini Safely

Kundalini is the energy at the base of the spine that pulls our energy outward and downward. Before we can achieve freedom in God, this energy must be awakened and united at the highest center in the brain.

Clarity Magazine, Yoga

Intensity Is Everything!

Many people stumble through life with painful slowness, their efforts blocked by lack of intensity.

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Exploring the Essence of Ananda Yoga™

Above all, the essence of Ananda Yoga™ is attunement to the vibration of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you really want to feel the essence of Ananda Yoga™, call upon Paramhansa Yogananda. Ask for his guidance, and try to tune in to his consciousness.