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The Christmas Mystery - With the Ananda Worldwide Virtual Choir

December 10, 2020

The Ananda Worldwide Virtual Choir singing "The Christmas Mystery" (an original Christmas song composed by Swami Kriyananda) with singers from around the globe, including New Zealand, India, Israel, Italy, as well as states across the USA. Featuring soloists from Ananda India in Pune and New Delhi, and the Expanding Light Ashram Choir at Ananda Village in Northern California.

(Note: The ashram choir members were recorded before COVID stay-at-home orders went into effect.)


1. Long ago there was a little shed.
There three mighty kings did bow their heads
To a gentle babe of low degree
Whom men called the son of Mary.

Who’ll tell to me this mystery:
How a tiny babe in a manger laid
Could so many hearts to love persuade?
This holy son of Mary.

2. Shepherds came and knelt in wonder there,
Seeing him in light beyond compare,
And his eyes that told them all love was he
Whom men called the son of Mary.

3. Wonderful it was, that Christmas Day,
How from far and near they came to pray,
How from far they glimpsed his majesty
Whom men called the son of Mary.

4. Could it be that in that little one
Spirit’s universal love did shine?
If it’s true, he lives in you and me
Whom men call the son of Mary.