Spiritual Renewal Week Concert, 2011

We had a very uplifting concert last night featuring Swami Kriyananda’s music, and even though there are some imperfections in the recordings such as wind on the mic, I thought I’d post them for you all:

Dark Eyes with solo by Ramu Atwell

Keep Calling Him with solo by Maitri Jones, Krishna Dewey, and Latika Parojinog

The Divine Romance performed by Mukti Deranja

An excerpt from Where Has My Love Gone, sung by the LA Joy Singers

Love Is a Magician sung by Aaron Atwell, accompanied by Mukti Deranja

Krishna’s Flute
sung by Ramesha Nani, with flute by Bhagavati Nani

I’ve Passed My Life as a Stranger, Lord sung by Dambara Begley

Farther Away than the Stars sung by Chaitanya Mahoney

Here is an excerpt from Life Is the Quest for Joy performed by myself, Keshava Betts, and Mukti Deranja

An especially deep performance of Life Mantra

And finally, O, Master

Thank you to all of the wonderful singers and instrumentalists who made this evening possible, and especially to Panduranga Heater, our sound engineer.

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