While we live at Ananda Village, when we vacation (as opposed to seclusion), we like to travel and see other parts of the country and world.IMGA0274.JPG

Currently we are traveling in the Southwest U.S. backroads, towing a travel trailer with our pickup which gives us a little sanctuary with our vibration.IMG_0032.JPG
I have never visited much of this area before (Arizona yes, but rest no).  Have seen photos, however, the beauty is so much better in person.  I can recommend it for yogis.  So spacious and open.  Deeply peaceful.  This time of year (late Sept. and Oct.) is best with fall colors, tapestries AND so few people!  Easy to meditate, in fact you almost fall into the state.

We rented the trailer in Salt Lake, then drove through SE Utah to Canyonlands National Park. Because we have a truck we were able to drive down into the canyon itself. IMGA0156.JPG Wow! As good as the Grand Canyon, yet much more isolated.

When we hike, or even walk, we don’t talk much. We just look and feel while thanking Divine Mother for these incredible creations. Her artwork is unparallelled. Sometimes we walk fast for the exercise, however, often we dawdle while inspecting plants, trees, watching birds and sometimes other animals. We especially like to find places that are quiet, and off the beaten path. IMGA0642.JPG Sometimes we stay on the beaten path with many others so have to work at remaining focused within to the Divine and we behold the without. As we travel, we observe and, well, tend to be quite expressive of our amazement at these creations. We talk with Divine Mother with expression like “Wow!”, or “gorgeous, simply gorgeous” and we always give credit the Divine Artist. Try it sometime.

We just arrived at an isolated RV park near East Entrance of Zion.  Well, 5 miles off main road and another 800 ft higher in elevation.  Actually an 8000 acre ranch that has been turned into a resort and not far from start of a 16 mile hike through Narrows of Virgin River.  Am looking out window of trailer in southward direction and can see about 20 miles. IMGA0688.JPG Cloudy as storm is approaching but not expecting much if any rain.  Windy, yet spouse is out searching for birds. will be dark soon so she will be back to roost.  Hope to hike part of the Narrows tomorrow and tour Zion Canyon. (which we did).

I feel deep connection with Divine Mother here. IMGA0618.JPG Did Master visit Zion?  Anyone know?  Anyway, traveling with a spiritual bent is really something.

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