St Francis, Patron Saint of YoganandaAs devotees we always strive constantly to think of the Divine.

Swami Kriyananda says in his book, Affirmations for Self-Healing, “One should not strain, nor reach outward mentally, to think of God. Think not merely about Him: Think to Him. Share with Him your passing feelings, your idlest fancy. Talk with Him. Practice His presence – at first, perhaps, for minutes a day, then for hours, and then all the time.”

Inspirational artwork in homeSo how do we do this as the pull of the world of maya is immensely strong?

It helps to have little reminders in our daily life wherever you are. Here are a few simple suggestions which I have found helpful in daily life.

Find artwork that inspires you and helps you remember God.

Desk photoPlace little reminders around your world everywhere you can.

Make a screen saver for your computer comprised of your favorite divine photos.

Lahiri Garden StatuePhotos or prints of the Master’s or other inspirational aspects of God can be found in all rooms of our home and offices.

Put an outdoor statue in your garden.

Dashboard photo of YoganandaIt is the Christmas season in the western world and many of us put up home decorations.  Try to find some inspiring decorations such as angels or other similar ornaments for your hearth or tree.

Get a small photo of Yogananda and place it on your dashboard in your vehicle. If you don’t have any this size,  The Crystal Hermitage Shrine of the Masters Boutique at Ananda Village has wallet sized photos of all the Master’s of our line along with garden statues.  You can contact them at 530-478-7586.

You don’t need blue-tooth to “think” to God.

What other ways do you use to help remember. Please leave a comment.

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