One of the many things that inspires me about Ananda is the many guests and visitors who have come to our retreat, and Ananda village over the years, and how much Ananda means to them personally.

I have been a member of Ananda for almost 20 years now, and I have met many of the guests, both at our retreat, The Expanding Light in California, and during the nearly four years I served at our retreat center near Assisi Italy.

Many of the guests have been so grateful for Ananda, for Swami Kriyananda, and for the many ways he has shared the teachings and inspiration of Paramhansa Yogananda, for our teachers, and the many programs we offer year round, and how happy many of them feel in just visiting Ananda. I know this from my own personal experience. Of course, some of them didnt feel inspired about Ananda. But thats normal. Ananda cant be everything to everybody. But Ananda is, in its own way, doing a very important work in helping to bring the light of spirit in a world so full of darkness.

I feel sorry!! for the many Ananda critics who seem to take every opportunity to criticize and slander us. How sad! Havent you got anything else better to do? Lets all live the Masters teachings: love, kindness, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and not live in pettiness. Living these higher qualities will help to make our world a better place to live.

Lewis Howard

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