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Effective Prayer

Dear Simon, Let’s say you are wanting to open your own small business, and are looking for advice about the nature of assistance available to small business entreprenuers. Or someone dear to you is having a health crisis and is ... Read More


Dear Simon, In response to your second question: There is obviously a power and an intelligence far greater than we can even comprehend which created the vast universe. Somewhat like a scientist or an inventor creating a mechanism, God has ... Read More

The power of prayer

Dear Aditya, The power of prayer is truly astonishing: it helps seeds to germinate, plants to flower, and human beings to overcome their difficulties and limitations and grow in their divine nature. Your intuition to pray to the divine Self ... Read More

God will give you strength

Dear Shruti, Life sometimes brings us situations for which we think that we haven’t the strength, or time or wisdom to solve. But these moments can be precisely what we need in order to find within ourselves a far greater ... Read More

Energy in the Spine

Dear Jeff, It is quite “normal” for a regular meditator to feel energy rising up in the spine. As you have experienced, it is enjoyable, and an indication that your inner journey is bearing fruit. In meditation we focus our ... Read More

How to contact departed loved ones

Dear Neil, The veil between the astral worlds and the physical are not as impermiable as we imagine. Yogananda says that “a continuous desire to know about a departed soul is the best astral broadcasting that you can send forth.” ... Read More

Universal destruction or salvation?

Dear Don, Yogananda spoke often, and forcefully, of future global events. A realized Master is able to see past, present and future more clearly than we are able to perceive current events. He saw great upheavals, natural cataclysms, global economic ... Read More

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