How to anchor your faith


What do you do, when you are starting to lose faith in God ?

—TC, Europe


We sometimes confuse faith with belief. Belief is an intellectual convenience that often lulls us into a state of spiritual passivity. Every now and again something happens in life which is inconvenient, and which makes us question that belief. So what can appear to you to be a loss of faith in God, could actually be an important important opportunity for you to deepen your faith.

For example, I can believe that someone is a good person, and therefore will be a good team leader…or analyst…or father, etc. But only when we work together, or I observe the results of his leadership skills and style, can I truly say that I have faith in him as a leader, or a father, etc.

Faith is the result of personal experience, something you know to be true because you have lived it.

So what of our faith in God: is it really faith, or still belief? Do we just believe that God will be there when we need Him, or do we give Him an opportunity to participate in our life and show us He is there?

Jesus says: Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened. He didn’t qualify this profound spiritual advise by adding: only when you are in deep trouble.

So give God a chance to participate in all your undertakings, your decisions, your projects, your dreams. Ask Him your questions — the little ones, the big existential ones — in deep prayer and meditation, and keep asking until you feel guided to some answers. Let Him be your Coach, your Guide, and in this way put your belief in Him to the test.

Once you open that channel of communication and keep it open, you will have all the proof you need of His love, wisdom and support.