The power of prayer


One of my friend is addicted to drug,lives tamasic life,keep her room always very dirty. Many times i have read if you pray to the divine self of the person whom you want to change help's. Will it help in this case too!

—Aditya, United States/India


Dear Aditya,

The power of prayer is truly astonishing: it helps seeds to germinate, plants to flower, and human beings to overcome their difficulties and limitations and grow in their divine nature.

Your intuition to pray to the divine Self of your friend is precisely what Yogananda recommends as the best way to pray. Her soul is longing to be free from the harmful habits she is manifesting, and when you direct your prayers to that divine soul, they will help her to awaken to her higher consciousness.

Yogananda suggests that you visualize her divine Self at your spiritual eye and focus your loving attention at her spiritual eye. Then ask God to send His love and healing light across the bridge between the two of you. Send this affirmation to her: “You are well, for God is in you..” Repeat is constantly as you pray and let God use you as instrument for her healing.

This is prayer written by Swami Kriyananda, from his book Affirmations and Prayers for Self-Healing:

Lord, The universe was made in Thine image of perfection. Help me to bring out that image in others by blessing them in Thy love.

And as Yogananda says: “The instrument is blessed by that which passes through it.” May you receive many blessings as you serve your friend as a channel for God’s love.

Nayaswami Shivani