God will give you strength



My marriage was going through difficult times and recently things have been smooth.Now we were planning for a child.I am already 33 and am worried that time/health may not permit me to conceive later.My husband got an offer to do an MBA and for nearly 20months or so I will have to postpone thinking about a child.I am supporting him in fulfilling his desire but at heart I am attached to my desire.How can I overcome this emotional situation.Pls guide me

—Shruti, India


Dear Shruti,

Life sometimes brings us situations for which we think that we haven’t the strength, or time or wisdom to solve. But these moments can be precisely what we need in order to find within ourselves a far greater power.

One of the greatest discoveries in life is that love leads us to the greater strength and wisdom within us. Energy is infinite when we love, time is elastic, and God supports us in many ways and through many people.

If you and your husband love each other and love God, you can embark together on a journey that will bring you great joy and inner growth.

In divine friendship,